Professional Gamer

LIVE GAME coaching session

⏰ 1h30min

💳 €30


🕑 I coach part-time & hours in my other job fluctuate. Therefore I can't give you set hours to choose from. After ordering, add me on Discord; Halfhand#1433

This way we can setup a date/hour that fits us both.


Thank you for understanding 💛


Summoner profile analysis ✔️

We'll cover potential champion pool related issues, amount of games played, tilt streaks, etc...


Covering Runes/Item builds ✔️

We'll go over your rune and item choices for the champions you play. I'll help you optimize your build and runes.


How to climb the ladder ✔️

I'll show you how you actually go about improving at League of Legends. I'll share with you some tricks I've learned myself on climbing the ranked ladder.


LIVE game spectate ✔️

You'll play a League of Legends game and screenshare it to me through Discord. I'll guide you through the game and help where needed. During the game I will take notes which we will go over after the game has been ended.

Closing thoughts ✔️

We'll go over what you learned during your session and I'll setup some learning objectives for you. You're also free to ask more questions.